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Collection Inspiration | Namibia

Collection Inspiration | Namibia
By Yoek 17. Januar 2020 2784 Views

Last year, Johanna went on a beautiful trip to Namibia, both for holidaying and to get inspired for the new Spring/Summer collections of 2020. Recently, we started selling our new collections, so now we can finally share her pictures and highlights of the trip!

Namibia is known for its great diversity of wildlife and the endless views, since it is a country of two large deserts: the oldest desert of our planet; the Namib Desert and the Kalahari Desert which even crosses the borders.

Johanna took a flight from Windhoek to the Fish River Canyon, world’s second largest canyon, of 45.000 hectares. There is no place in Africa like this canyon; it truly is an impressive and gorgeous landscape which is hard to describe. Both the mornings and evenings are breath-taking, at these moments you can see the incredible colour changes.

Upon that she went to the Hoodia Desert Lodge in Sossusvlei, where she stayed among the majestic mountains along the Tsauchab River, known for the crystal clear sky above the Namib desert. Perfect when you like watching stars!

From Damaraland in the north, she went to visit the Etosha National Parc, one of Africa’s most important wild reserves. From the Ongava Tented Camp accommodation you can visit the Parc together with a guard to admire the wildlife; from elephants to giraffes, zebras, impalas and rhinos. Every day you will see something else! The Ongava Camp of safari tents is only managed by ladies of which she got to meet three; Cealia, Kukae and Merlyn, which gave it an extra special vibe, since Johanna is a dedicated business owner herself.

Before ending the trip, she went near the border of Angola, to visit a tribe; the Himba Tribe. Not seeing people for four days in a row sometimes, having seen so many admirable views, animals and meeting people who are living such a pure life, it all shows and makes you realize how wonderful our world is.

21 Jan 2020 08:57:49

Photographer: Jimmy Nelson

Ongava Tented Camp


Hoodia Desert Lodge