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Jeans Love: The Flare Jeans

Jeans Love: The Flare Jeans
By Yoek 31. August 2017 5474 Views

Flare Jeans Yoek Plus Size Fashion

A new season, a new jeans! The past few months we have developed our love for the flare jeans trend, which definitely reminds us of the seventies. But they are back, and when you ask us, not to leave anymore! The high waist, the long legs it provides you with, especially when worn with high heels, all positive aspects of this ultra-flattering style.

If you have spent the last few years in your skinny jeans, it might be a challenge to move over to this style, but you will not be disappointed! Just give it a try; you will definitely feel comfortable, no matter what your body type is.

The jeans flare bij Yoek plus size fashion:

Flare jeans Yoek Plus Size Fashion

The flare jeans is easy to dress up or down, when you wear it with a tunic with flared sleeves, it will definitely give you a seventies-like bohemian look. But if you style it with a chic blazer, it will be your elegant outfit!