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Miss Y in Argentina

Miss Y in Argentina
By Yoek 30. November 2017 7343 Views

You might have missed the adventures and stories of Miss Y for a while; but she is still here, but very busy with her brand and new steps to take now and in the near future! In this new story, we will take you along the highlights of her last trip to South America.

Next to Paris, London, New York and Rome, Buenos Aires is also one of Miss Y’s most favourite cities in this beautiful world. Recently, she made a trip through Argentina and experienced the beauty of this immense and impressive country again. Argentina is like a mosaic, it has so many different faces; from pretty cities like Córdoba and Mendoza, to natural wonders like the Iguazú Falls and stunning sights in Patagonia. And not to forget the juicy, grilled beef steaks, the steamy Tango dance and the passionate love for fútbol.

It had been a few years since Miss Y visited the city of Latin passion, Buenos Aires. Directly after she arrived on Ezeiza Airport she had an appointment in the famous café Tortoni where she met one Argentina’s most prominent designers, Pablo Ramírez, to talk about the fashion trends in that part of the world.

Very popular is the gaucho style and you will see fashionable ladies everywhere, dressed in wide-legged bombacha trousers and with a nonchalant look when wearing a boina (a kind of beret), as if they just came from their work in the rough country. The same evening she attended a concert of Sjostakowitch in the incredible Teatro Colón that has been renovated in the past five years. It is one of world's most important opera houses, with a rich and prestigious history. All the balconies are painted with gold leaf and although Argentina is a Republic it all looks ultimately royal. In the cellar of Tortoni is a small theatre where top tango dancers of the city are performing their breathtaking show, in the same style you can watch below (we love the dress!). Click on the button at the right bottom, to enlargen the screen;

After the vibrant city life, the Andes was waiting for Miss Y. In a powerful 4wd she travelled the Ruta Quarenta from Cafayate to Cachi and the next day from there to Salta. In Cafayate she spent the night in the impressive Grace wine resort that is situated in between the extended wine yards that deliver the beautiful Torrontes grape that gives very aromatic wines and also the Malbec that is originally imported from France.

A lunch in the Piattelli resort is more than lovely and a sip of their wine on your tongue combined with little snacks of fresh fish and delicious amuses will make your day unforgettable. After all the effort of passing the Quebradas, with high mountains and huge valleys over the unpaved roads to Salta, it is time to relax in the house of Jasmin that has an incredible spa. The best massage ever will be given to you by friendly ladies from Guatemala. The pool is situated in the middle of a nearly endless Pampa landscape. Then, after having experienced the incredible power and energy from the Iguazú Falls and a night in the Loi Suites in the middle of the jungle (nearby a group of the Houarani tribe used to live; the original population of that part of Argentina) Miss Y went back to Buenos Aires. The regions Palermo Soho and Hollywood have been upgraded to modern and trendy suburbs but also a paying a visit to the Sunday market in San Telmo and Bocca near Puerto Madeira may not be forgotten.

Miss Y wants to share the wonderful Hotel Palo Santo in Bonpland with you, where the owner was so friendly to keep the best suite available when she came back in the city of the tango. New are the top restaurants in Palermo, La Mar with the best ceviche (classic Peruvian fish dish) ever and the adorable Don Julio where you have to wait in a long cue if you have not made a reservation days before your visit.

Miss Y loves to cook, and shares her favourite ceviche recipe with you. So easy, but so delicious;

You will need the following ingredients, preferably go to a fish market or fish shop;

  • 1 pound of fresh ocean fish such as sea bass or striped bass, cut into slices
  • 1/2 cup of lemon, lime, or sour orange juice, or a combination of these
  • 1 small red onion, finely sliced
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves
  • 1 or 2 jalapeño peppers, with ribs and seeds removed, rinsed, and finely minced
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

Combine the fish, juice, onion, cilantro leaves and jalapeño peppers in a large bowl and mix everything with your hands. Season everything with salt and pepper. Allow the mix to marinate for at least 5 minutes, folding occasionally. Transfer it to a serving platter and serve immediately with vegetables and sweet potatoes, if you like. Keep in mind that ceviche is best when it is served within 5 to 30 minutes after marinating. You can also use shrimps or scallops cut into chunks to substitute fish.

Happy cooking & buen provecho!