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New Quality | Ottoman

 New Quality | Ottoman
By Yoek 28. Februar 2020 1122 Views

Trends come and go, but everyone is searching for the perfect basics to combine these trend items with. We call these basics 'wardrobe essentials'. We recently added two styles to our basic collection which are definitely essential in your closet. Scroll down to find out more about our new special basics

The Ottoman material is a vertical ribbed fabric with a subtle stretch for a flattering fit. This fabric has a slimming effect, you will look one size smaller!

The Ottoman Skirt

Key to your day-to-dark-wardrobe is a basic skirt like this piece with subtle stretch and vertical rib for a flattering fit. The knee-length skirt is the kind of piece you want to have in your closet; it simply brings every classy outfit together. This must-have Ottoman skirt has a double waistband for the most comfortable fit.

  • Rock OTTOMAN

    98,00 €

  • The Ottoman Leggings

    Classic black leggings are an ultimate wardrobe staple. For sure this legging is going to be your Monday-through-Sunday favourite, because you can wear it for every occasion. This pair in vertical rib and with subtle stretch, features an elasticized waist.

  • Legging OTTOMAN

    119,90 €
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