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Pretty Things: Meeting the Owner of 'Orsina à...'

Pretty Things: Meeting the Owner of 'Orsina à...'
By Yoek 6. Juli 2017 12922 Views

While spending some time in Puglia ( Italy) earlier this month , we came across a lovely accessory brand and we met the sweet, enthusiastic owner Orsina Dansi here. Because we were amazed by everything she makes, her vibrant ideas and creativity we wanted to find out more about her life!

“Can you maybe tell something about yourself? What is your story?”

‘I am from Milan, I am 34 years old and this is my third summer here in Savelletri (Puglia). After being Consolidated Financial Accounting Manager for different companies, Commercial Director in fashion and after working two years in the company of my family, always travelling around the world with my inseparable Blackberry, I decided to quit my crazy life and to change it completely. From all over the world I went to …. Savelletri, a very small village in Puglia, seaside view, in the middle of secular olive trees and nothing else.

Here I had the chance to know Vittorio Muolo, the owner, with his family, of two of the most amazing Masserias here in Puglia: Masseria Torre Coccaro and Masseria Torre Maizza. I really still do not know how and why, but while drinking a coffee with him in Masseria Torre Coccaro, I thought to myself why am I not going to do a job which has my absolute passion? And why not doing it here, in this region that has always given me such good and positive vibes since I discovered it 17 years ago.

And I decided to create my little world in a little space here in Coccaro Beach Club, that I called 'Orsina à…'. It is a small concept store, where you can enter my world, my passion, and it is the result of what I love the most: the research of everything special, not 'bling bling', no logos, but one of a kind treasures, from all over the world! Nowadays, I have two other boutiques here in Puglia, one on White Beach, Torre Canne and my new little one, in the centre of Savelletri, a little bit hidden from the sight of tourists, but only for Orsina à lovers (they will find it!)’

“How did you came to the idea of your own brand and boutique(s)?”
‘I came to this idea when I realized that I wanted to be free, using my skills for my own project and to wake up every day of my life seeing the blue sea in Savelletri instead of the grey fog in Milano, doing exactly what I loved: travelling, researching beautiful things through my winter journeys, instead of researching the balance in a financial statement.’

“What is the meaning of the name ‘Orsina à...’ ?”
‘I spent my last six years, before coming here in Puglia, dealing with the most important French fashion brands in Paris. So when I restarted my life and job here, I wanted to keep a little of my past experiences with me, and so I used the French word “à” instead of the English “at". And I also wanted to create something which felt totally mine, so I used my name Orsina. Therefore I called my project 'Orsina à..' (English: 'Orsina at…'); at first the project was to open summer boutiques in different luxurious locations, and to call these “Orsina à….Coccaro Beach” , "Orsina à….White Beach”, "Orsina à….Savelletri”…. who knows where the next one will be?’

“How do you make use of social media and internet?”
‘Instagram and Facebook are essential for my job. I absolutely do not want to delegate it to anybody else, because I want that my Instagram page or Facebook profile are exactly the mirror of myself, of my thoughts, my taste. I also think that they are social media, and so only managing them by myself I can decide which part of my life will be shown through them.

Everybody is pushing me now to create a website, but since I want to manage all of its content 100% by myself, I am now working on it and this will be my next step! By now I am selling and sending my products from Puglia to everywhere in the world, and, being contacted through Facebook and Instagram, it is amazing that clients become friends, and now I have all these friends all over the world!’

“How do you come to new ideas and inspiration?”
‘New ideas and inspiration come to me in such different ways: from the amazing beauty of the nature of this place to the crazy social life that you find here in Puglia in an extreme international environment; from my travels and from my never-ending need to find beauty in things to destiny that gives me the chance to meet supercute designers every single day.’

“How do you see the future?”
‘My ultimate dream for the future is.. Passare da "Orsina à.." ad "Orsina e.." ’

Start following her on Instagram; @orsina_a or visit one of her boutiques in Savelletri, White Beach Torre Canne, or at the Coccaro Beach Club

Photos by: Orsina herself and www.katjabrinkmann.it