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Support the Charity Foundation: Oil for Education

Support the Charity Foundation: Oil for Education
By Yoek 23. November 2018 3234 Views

Oil for Education

As we told you last time in the blog about Miss Y, she uses the olives from her own land in Italy to produce olive oil. The oil is finally launched this month after long and impatient waiting! The entire profit will benefit a good cause; a foundation called 'Oil for Education'. Because we at Yoek like to think of the people who have less and we would like to show this, the oil will soon be available online with us!

Oil for Education's main goal is to enable school and proper education for children in third world countries, in addition to providing assistance to people in need in the broadest sense of the word. The name of the foundation was chosen because the production and sale of olive oil is one of the activities, the proceeds of which are donated to this charity.

On the land of Miss Y, all the olives were harvested in October, after which the process of making extra virgin olive oil was started. When the ripe olives arrived at the press plant, they were first grounded and kneaded; in this way a specific taste is created. The first juices arise during pressing, but are still too bitter at that moment. To make it into the olive oil that we all like so much, the juices are centrifuged, in this way the water separates from the oil and you finally end up having a delicious product.

It is known to everyone and it is clear that unfortunately we do not all get the same opportunities in life. Depending on where your cradle was standing, your future is already partly determined. We do not have to strive for full equality, but the differences are often too extreme. Oil for Education does its utmost to make a difference here; reduce the amount of abundance in certain parts of the world and allow it to flow to the populations that can use it well, in countries that many people often only know from TV and the news.

Many companies, but also individuals recognize the sad problem of poverty, but sometimes do not know how to act or what they can do themselves to make a difference. This is exactly where Oil for Education recognized an opportunity; as a Western society we use more and more olive oil, something that has become increasingly popular over the years; not only to use in the kitchen but also for your body. Olive oil has been eaten for thousands of years to promote good health and a healthy skin. Take three to four tablespoons of this largest antioxidant per day, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and diabetes. In addition, it has been proven that Mediterranean life is healthier for a person, so learn something from the lifestyle! This is exactly where Oil for Education has built a bridge. You buy a versatile bottle of this 'liquid gold' and help someone 7000 km away to get the chance that is so obvious to us; going to school, learning something and getting further in life.

Visit the website now and read more about the current projects in Nangina / Sirimba and Lodwar (all located in Kenya).


The extra virgin oil will soon be available in two different sizes at Yoek. The olive oil is of a special quality, deliciously organic, super healthy and comes fresh from the Italian Puglia region!