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Find the perfect clutch!

Find the perfect clutch!
By Yoek 20. August 2019 2608 Views

Recently we have added three new clutches to our accessories line. In this guide you can figure out which clutch fits your needs. Get inspired by this clutch edition of our magazine!

The perfect daytime clutch!

Are you bored of bringing your normal bag loaded with stuff while strolling in the city? Try this big clutch. Enough space for all your daily essentials.
Such as your phone, wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, day cream and notebook. Scroll down for styling inspiration.

Your new favourite night-out-clutch!

This clutch has the perfect size to bring with you when you are going out. Just enough space for the most important things.
Like your phone, wallet and make-up. We love the bold letters with the statement text: 'Contains Pure Love'.
The image below shows how to style the clutch when going out.

Searching for a perfect Ipad cover?

We found the solution. If you're drinking a coffee in the morning and you want to read the newspaper on your Ipad.
Simply grab your new Yoek Leopard Ipad cover, and look what is inside.. Ideal for protection, but also stylish at the same time.