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The gem of Greece: Thessaloniki

The gem of Greece: Thessaloniki
By Yoek 10. Oktober 2017 5959 Views

Considered as the cultural capital of Greece, Thessaloniki is known for its festivals, events and vibrant cultural life. As major travel fanatics, we decided this could be the ultimate inspirational destination. We hopped on a plane for a short adventure.

The pleasant thing about Thessaloniki is; it's not the most touristic place, but it doesn't lack any cozy restaurants nor things to see or do. And what might be the biggest advantage of this city; even if you are done with the city, you are just a short ride away from a picture perfect beach. All in all enough reasons for us to share what we got up to:)

We started our trip with a stroll through the old town located at the highest part of the city. The views from up here are absolutely breathtaking and if the uphill hike is a dealbreaker for you there are multiple busses that can take you there.

Thessaloniki is known for its street art. In the city centre several huge murals can be found, however one thing we noticed is old school graffiti is all over town.

As for the sightseeing in this city, the biggest touristic attraction is the White Tower. The prominent position at the waterfront and its long history have assured this monument the position of city symbol. From the top of the tower visitors can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view, while inside the museum offers an informative tour through the history of the city and its citizens.

Furthermore the city offers great markets, from the inside Modiano market to the narrow alleyways of the Kapani market. By walking through these markets we truly felt the spirit and scents of the old city. Most of the shops in these markets offer a variety of food such as fish, cheese, olives and meat. The good thing is, both the Modiano and Kapani market are just a walk away from one of the best patisseries in town: Terkenis! This is where you can get your hands on the tastiest Tsoureki (a traditional Greek sweet pastry).

To finish off our trip we went to THE seafood restaurant in the city, 7 Thalasses. The combination of the luxurious interior, friendly staff and refined flavors of the food totally won us over!