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Trend Shopping | Tropic Thunder

Trend Shopping | Tropic Thunder
By Yoek 24. Februar 2020 1300 Views

The Trend

The Tropic Thunder trend is a fashionable wake-up call for the effect of climate change. The Jungle is precious and we should take care of it. Fashion designers showed us the breathtaking beauty of the jungle. This season we see prints with exotic flowers, palm leaves, cartoonic animals and bright colours.

Street Style

We have spotted the Tropic Thunder trend also in the streets. Fashion influencers have been wearing maxi dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits with tropical prints. Of course the exotic animal print is represented as well. It is almost impossible to imagine a fashion season without the animal print (from snake, to tiger and leopard - the entire wildlife range and zoo are represented).

Yoek Trend

This season you can find many Tropical Thunder themed items in our collection. Our designers got inspired by the graphic visualised jungle designs. You can find palm leaves, exotic flowers and animal prints in our store.