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Which color fits you?

Which color fits you?
By Yoek 7. August 2019 3627 Views

This guide will show you the chosen Yoek color palette of this season. We will explain the psychology behind our four main colors of this collection. Which color inspires you the most? Probably this color will also look good on you!

In general warm colors, like red, yellow and orange communicate energy, heat and positive sensations. They do not have any coolness in it. The sun and everything related to it, like the sunset and sunrises. These warm colors are full of passion, enthusiasm and energy.

“Retro elicits a nostalgic feel for the beauty of things in the past.” Let this color take you back to the 60’s and 70’s. We love the warmth and the variety of warm colors in this era. Mostly you think back of these days when seeing a vibrant pattern, but uni colors can also evoke this feeling.

“Deep red is rich and elegant, commonly associated with love and romance.” Red is the warmest color of all. This deep red gives us a warm feeling inside. We hope you admit! With accessories and shoes in velvet or lacquer, the contrast between materials will add an extra rich touch to your outfit.

Cool colors, like green, blue and purple are basically coming from the night, nature and water. These are relaxing, serene colors. Imagine the color shades of a turquoise sea, or the beautiful green leaves of a palm tree. Surround yourself with colors coming from all the different aspects of nature and find some peace within your wardrobe!

“Close your eyes and imagine the sound, sights and smells that help you relax.” Does this color brings you back to a place such as the coast? Combine it with black to create an extra chic look.

Purple is a very diverse color. It is the color for royalty, but also the color for creativity. In fashion it gives a luxurious appearance. Purple comes in different shades; from dark purple, to sweet and pastel lilac. It combines beautifully with black, or opt for a more alternative look by combining it with red or orange.